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Argon Technologies' Phantom Wave Wireless Broadband provides a blazingly fast, always-on connection currently covering over 4,500 sq. miles and expanding. With Phantom Wave, you don't need a phone line or cable TV connection to connect.

Key Benefits
Greater availability than cable or DSL
Phantom Wave Broadband reaches where cable and DSL fall short. Up to a 12-mile radius from each tower.
24/7 always on connection
Once you're connected to Phantom Wave Broadband, you'll stay on as long you decide without tying up your phone line.
Fast downloads and upload speeds
Experience the internet like never before with download speeds of up to 20Mb/s.
Virus and spam filtering for email
Stay safe and free of junk mail with our state-of-the-art spam and virus filtering technology.
5 megabytes for a personal website
Build your own personal website to do things like share pictures with family and friends.
Up to 5 email accounts
You and your family can each have a unique email address for keeping in touch with your loved ones.
Phantom Wave Broadband Price Guide1
One-Time Installation Fee ($50 with a 2-year contract) $199.95
Residential Packages
Package Burst/Sustained/Upload Speeds Monthly Cost
Tier1 5 / 2 / 1 Mb/s $44.95
Tier2 10 / 5 / 2 Mb/s $59.95
Tier3 15 / 10 / 3 Mb/s $74.95
Commercial Packages
Package Burst/Sustained/Upload Speeds Monthly Cost
Tier1 10 / 5 /2 Mb/s $79.95
Tier2 15 / 10 / 3 Mb/s $99.95
Tier3 20 / 15 / 3 Mb/s $129.95

Note: Since Phantom Wave Wireless Broadband is a line-of-sight service, actual coverage may vary due to terrain and other obstacles (tall trees, large buildings, hills, etc.)

Argon Technologies uses a network of antennas on top of towers or other tall structures.  
These antennas can provide encrypted internet service to an area roughly 15 miles around it.  
To connect to the internet, a trained technician comes to your home and installs an antenna. Once any necessary hardware and software is installed, you'll be connected to Phantom Wave Broadband.  
1 Prices and speed rates shown here are provided as a convenience. Please note that all prices, promotions, and speed rates shown here are subject to change without notice. Different areas may have different packages. Prices shown are subject to local and state taxes.

Our wireless broadband network provides coverage to the following counties:
Collin, Dallas, Delta, Fannin, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, Rockwall, Van Zandt
Argon Technologies is a high-speed Internet service provider for the following Texas cities:
Aberfoyle, Addran, Alba, Anna, Bailey, Bells, Blue Ridge, Branch, Brashear, Caddo Mills, Campbell, Canton, Celeste, Commerce, Como, Copeville, Cottonwood, Crandall, Cumby, Dike, Dixon, Dodd City, Dougherty, Ector, Edgewood, Elmo, Emory, Fate, Flats, Floyd, Forney, Fruit Vale, Garland, Gastonia, Gober, Grays Prairie, Greenville, Hawk Cove, Heartland, Heathridge, Howe, Josephine, Kaufman, Kellogg, Kemp, Ladonia, Lakeview, Lavon, Leonard, Lone Oak, Lucas, Merit, Mesquite, Murphy, Nevada, Neylandville, Oak Grove, Oak Ridge, Pecan Gap, Pickton, Poetry, Post Oak Bend City, Prairie Point, Princeton, Quinlan, Rockwall, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, St. Paul, Saltillo, Savoy, Scurry, Silver City, Smith Oaks, Sulphur Springs, Sunnyvale, Talty, Terrell, Tira, Tom Bean, Trenton, Union Valley, Van Alstyne, Wagner, Westminster, Whitewright, Whitton, Wills Point, Windom, Winnsboro, Wolfe City, Wylie, Yantis