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Onsite/Inhouse Repair
Our reputation for quality service is what brings customers to us in the first place. We believe we offer the finest repair and upgrade services in the area. Our highly trained technicians are able to quickly and accurately diagnose problems and effect repairs in a timely fashion. If parts are required, we have daily United Parcel Service (UPS) that provides pickup and delivery so that we can get the parts we need to repair your equipment quickly. All work (labor + parts) is warranteed for 1 year.

What do we repair?
Our certified technicians are capable of repairing all makes and models of computers, printers, and monitors. They can build a complete multimedia system for you or upgrade your current system. Whether you want a larger hard drive, more RAM, a better video card or a faster modem, we can do it for you. If you cannot bring your equipment into our shop yourself, we offer onsite service.

Do we offer onsite service?
We offer onsite service to our customers at very competitive prices. Call today to see if this option is the best way to have us provide services to your home or business.